Trying New Things

This past week has been really interesting. I’ve done so many things, including trying out some new things.

-I’ve worked a lot on finishing up Crystal. Almost there! Almost! I’ve added a lot of new scenes and chapters and am fleshing out the back half, making that it seem like I didn’t rush events.

-I joined this website called Critique Circle. So far, I like it. I even put up a chapter to be critiqued. That starts on Wednesday, so I may be an emotional wreck this upcoming week. Or I may be the happiest person on the planet. More likely, I’ll be somewhere in between.

-I went to a local writing group. Given that I’m extremely shy, this was something big for me, but I had so much fun! The people were very welcoming and even though we chatted a great deal about unrelated things, we actually got a lot of writing done. Or in my case, revising. In three and a half hours, I got through revising two entire chapters, which is approximately 10,000 words. I was very proud of myself. I’m definitely going back.

-I made a list of what all I needed to do to get the rest of my WIP’s ready. …It’s a very long list. I’ve realized I have the habit of writing the story and not looking at it again for over a year. So, I have seven stories in various stages of completion. This summer’s goal is to focus on one at a time and get them done so I can start on a new project without feeling guilty about it.

-I signed up to help judge the first round of a writing contest. Really excited about that!

Added to all that is all the craziness that is life and job-searching, so I’ve been very busy! But it’s a good kind of busy.

I’ve also been debating on whether or not to keep this blog going, since I so very rarely update. And if I decide to keep it running, on what I would post. It’s a very hard decision since I don’t know what direction I’d even want to take this blog. Thoughts would be most appreciated.

Oh, that reminds me! Have you heard of Story Bundle? It’s this thing where you get a bundle of books and you get to pick the price. This month’s bundle is writing how-to’s. I haven’t read any of them, but they seem like they’d be helpful. 🙂

How has your writing been going? I’d love to hear about your current WIP’s. I’d even love to hear about your pubbed books. I love supporting fellow authors any way I can!