Fair Phaedra

Dreaming, walking, wand’ring the stars,

Young Phaedra did as she looked from afar,

Down below where the humans dwelled

Ensnared fair Phaedra’s heart and soul.


Jealous grew she of the wind and the rain,

Jealous grew she of the sun on their face,

Angry she was and angry she grew

As these simple pleasures still denied to her were.


Forbidden to her the lower realm was

Yet crafty and cunning her intellect was.

She planned and she schemed for a year and a day

Until for her cold fury, the time was right.


Though married and bound fair Phaedra was,

She found a young human prince, handsome indeed.

She haunted his dreams and dogged his steps

‘Til the poor prince fell quite in love with her.


The prince wanted her and would settle no other,

His shining angel unseen to all but him.

Mysterious, alluring, and seductive starlight,

He desired her found and quickly at that.


Far and wide he sent riders,

Seeking, searching for his enchanting angel.

Seeing this, fair Phaedra could do naught but smile,

Her seduction complete and her plan in motion.


One last time she appeared in the prince’s dreams,

Begging, yearning, pleading to be found.

The neighboring kingdom held her hostage

Or so she said, and the prince grew angry.


He soon declared war on his next door neighbor,

Despite their vehement protests of innocence, of ignorance.

Decimated they left that land, it’s very castle torn asunder,

But of fair Phaedra, no trace was found.


The prince wept and wept inconsolably.

He became obsessed with fair Phaedra

With finding her, with freeing her, with marrying her.

Because of her, kingdom after kingdom he destroyed.


Yet still, find her he could not

And his actions caught the attention of the Starlings.

Curious, dismayed, appalled were they

When Phaedra the cause revealed to be.


Punishment, banishment, exile her people cried.

And fair Phaedra’s betrayed husband agreed.

And so she was banished

To the realm of the humans far below.


Gleeful, fair Phaedra sang and danced,

Finally feeling the wind and the rain,

The sun’s warmth on her face,

And night’s cold seeping into her bones.


And then she heard the hunting horn,

The prince’s cries to find her.

She suddenly found her well-thought plan

Unraveling at the seams.


Glimpsing the one who haunted his dreams,

The young prince gave chase

And poor Phaedra was forced to run,

Forced to hide in an unfamiliar land.


All her days, fair Phaedra fled the prince’s affections

For he never once gave up, so obsessed grew he.

Until fair Phaedra cursed the wind, the rain,

And even cursed the sun and it’s forbidden warmth.


She yearned for the land now denied to her,

The dimly glowing stars where her people dwelt,

Forever did she look up from afar,

Longing for what she could not have.


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