Hello, old friends!

Goodness! It has been far too long. But between mystery illnesses, lung infections, asthma flare ups, no sleep, new job, family member’s surgery, and just life in general, I haven’t had much time, or energy, to devote to writing. Or even reading, for that matter. My poor journal has been much neglected! But now that things are kinda, sorta, maybe starting to calm down, I’ve been starting to delve back into the wonderful world of writing. And the equally wonderful, time honored art of procrastinating.

Yeah, so maybe more of the latter has been going on, buuuuuut…. *hides*

Anywho, I’ve been back on Twitter lately (@ebthompson93) so definitely come hang out and chat if you have a Twitter! I’ve also read some A-MAZ-ING WIPs from @booksquirt. Seriously, she’s one you want to be watching.

I may or may not be going to a young writer’s conference thingy, depending on logistics, so cross your fingers there!

But what about my own writing, you ask? Well. I have pulled out and dusted off Crystal. I also gave it a hug, because it felt much neglected and needed some authorly love. (I may or may not be kidding on that last part, but you’ll never know for sure 😉 ) My editor has been contacted and editing has been booked. He knows to come knocking on my door if he doesn’t have it within the week. So! It will, God-willing, be published sometime in the next month. Ish. And if it isn’t, kindly poke me on Twitter or through email and ask where it is and why I’m procrastinating again.

And also, I’m plotting a super exhausting story. But it’s also a fun one, and my beta friend told me the idea was super cute, so more on that later! 🙂

Read any good books lately? I’d love to hear about them?

Write anything super cool that you’re super proud of? Tell me about it!

Do you have a book published? Let me know! I love reading books and supporting fellow authors!

Until next time!