Othella Blog Tour

Who is Therinknite? Well, according to her dictionary definition, she’s:

Therin Knite: n. speculative fiction writer, college student, and master of snark.

BUT! I know her as a wonderful, amazing writer. Seriously, I couldn’t put Echoes down. I laughed and cried and stayed up all night reading it. Not even kidding. While I’m anxiously waiting the sequel, I’m pleased to announce, and read, her next book, Othella. I’m looking forward to hunkering down and reading it to the light of fireworks tonight. 😉

So what’s it about? Glad ya asked. Here’s the official blurb:


Welcome to Arcadian Heights,
where the world’s brightest minds go in…and don’t come out.


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Georgette McClain can’t resist a juicy tip. So when a rumored crazy ex-CEO gifts her evidence of a vast conspiracy involving the world’s premier scientific community, Arcadian Heights, she sets her sights on the story of a lifetime. And all she has to do to grab it by the reins is sneak into the most secure facility in the world—and expose it for the slaughter house it is.


Tech company CEO Marco Salt has it all. Fame. Fortune. Family. But not long after Marco’s beloved genius daughter is invited to join Arcadian Heights, a rogue agent reveals to him the horrifying truth about the revered scientific community. Forced to flee for his life, Marco finds himself on the run with a deadly secret in his grasp and a single goal in mind: destroy Arcadian Heights.


Quentin Belmont has been the Arcadian Heights spokesman for the better part of two decades, and his singular motivation is to keep the community safe at all costs. So when an internal incursion leaks vital information to an outside party, Quentin preps a “cleanup” without a second thought. But what at first appears to be a simple task turns out to be anything but, and Quentin comes face to face with the unthinkable—a threat that could annihilate the community.

Doesn’t it sound COOL? Go check it out! 😀

Therin’s Website, Blog, and Twitter

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