Writing Sprints Aftermath

Wow, guys. I wish you’d joined in on those writing sprints. Not only were they insanely fun, they were also incredibly productive. I finished a short story of mine and edited roughly 7 pages, or ~3000 words. Not only that, but I made some new friends! And let me tell you, they are amazing writers! If you haven’t already, check out Luther’s book, it’s protags are a half-ogre and a gnome. How cool is that?

Good news is, we’ll be doing them again! With Camp Nano coming up, we’ll need practice and we’ll be sprinting all July long. Trust me, we will be. So, come join in the fun next time you see us on Twitter. OR! If you don’t see us, come poke us and we’ll get a sprint going 🙂 And don’t worry, we may sprint for hours and hours, but you can join and leave as you need to. Because we’re cool like that 😀

Many thanks to my wonderful sprinting buddies!

Winter Bayne

D. Emery Bunn


Darla Denton

Luther M. Siler



2 thoughts on “Writing Sprints Aftermath

  1. hesthermay says:

    Once again, you are in the wrong timezone, honey. 🙂

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