My Writing Process Blog Tour

I was tagged by D. Emery Bunn, a writer and editor who’s always around if you need help. Seriously, he’s amazing and so is his blog, so go check him out!


What am I working on at the moment?

I like to work on multiple projects at the same time. Right now, I’ve got three things going on, that I know of, all in varying stages of completion.

Unwanted Gods is a sci-fi (with hints of fantasy) that’s currently being rewritten. Also, I’m debating on leaving it sci-fi or making it purely fantasy because it doesn’t seem to want to make up it’s mind. So what is this about? It’s about a society that’s so old and powerful that they’ve become ‘gods’, and nuisances. When enough gets to be enough, the people decide to overthrow them and send an unlikely champion- a girl with no legs.

Cursed is, well I don’t know what it is, I’m calling it urban fantasy. Yeah, urban fantasy. It’s about a group of children who are dying of various causes (cancer, car accidents, etc.) that are offered more time in order to complete their last wishes. IE) Make-A-Wish. But! A group of these children decide that it’s not fair that they must die and run away, taking their extra time with them. But when Ink runs away, then becomes disillusioned with life itself, what will happen? Hopefully, that makes sense. Anyways, I’m currently editing this one, adding more details, and making it have journal entries instead of chapters. Because, reasons. 😀

Which brings me to Crystal. This one’s with the betas, so I’m not actually working on it right now. I’m just biting my nails (not really), pacing (also not really), and trying to keep myself from telling them to hurry it up (okay, so this one’s true). Crystal is the prequel to Starling and tells the story of how the Starlings and the humans parted ways. It’s also a story about star crossed lovers.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Confession time: I had to have help from one of my betas to answer this question. But said beta was very helpful because honestly, I just write the things I write and don’t really care how they are different or similar to other works of its genre.

So, what do I do that’s so different?

Well, I use a point of view, close omniscient, that most people don’t. I do this naturally, but people like it because I get into the heads of everyone at some point in the story. Which is always cool, getting to see everyone’s thoughts and motivations. And, I have a tendency to hold onto the mystery until the absolute last second, meaning that I tell something when you need to know it. So basically I worldbuild as I go and don’t info-dump, because, boo!

Also, said beta said this and it pretty much speaks for itself: “The Starling world has this feeling of being much older than it truly is, similar to Lord of the Rings and yet its medieval society seems more modern than our own medieval society was. You have a great tendency to meld a half-dozen concepts together that haven’t been tried- Mother Earth + appointed agents to represent her and enforce her will- but on top of that, a racial tension of the silent, seemingly pretentious protectors and the literal down to earth humans where both sides are justified in their views. (He’s talking about Crystal.)”

Why do I write what I do?

I write the stories that keep me up at night, the ones that nag on my brain until I put them to paper and share them. There’s really no other reason. 🙂

How does my writing process work?

Um, I have a writing process? This is news to me!

Kidding. Mostly.

I start with an idea, which I write down and promptly lose. It’s a good thing that the ideas beg to be written because that way I don’t forget them! I write this story down, which usually takes anywhere from a month to a year, depending on how distracted I am and how many other projects I’m working on at the time.

Once I’ve written it, I type it up and give my hand a much needed break. Yes, I handwrite my first draft. Free edit when you type it up! Plus, there’s just something about putting pen to paper.

I let it fester, er…simmer on the backburner for a while, usually two or three months. Then I print it out and begin editing. That’s always fun. I go through and look for plot holes, inconsistencies, and things that need more explanation. In general, I flesh it out. And when I feel like I can’t do anything more to it, I send it off to the betas.

When I get it back from them, I go through all their comments and address them (or ignore them) as I see fit. Then begins line editing! After which, I send it out again to catch typos and grammatical errors I’ve missed.

And then, publishing!


Next week’s amazing bloggers:

So…I’m going to do something different because I’m nosy and incredibly curious. Instead of posting which three blogs I’m passing the tour onto, I’m passing it onto YOU, the readers. So! That being said, write up a blog post answering the four questions in bold, and post it on Monday the 12th. Don’t forget to leave a link in the comments so I can read how your writing process works! I can’t wait! 😉


2 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Harliqueen says:

    Great answers to the hop, always fun to learn more about fellow writers 🙂

  2. winterbayne says:

    You know, I meant to leave a comment here a while back…forgot. BUT your blog was talking to my blog and it was saying you’re neglectful. ;P

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