Halfway through April

Hello there!

So, it’s halfway through April, which means Camp NaNo is halfway done. Boo! Camp has been a blast and I’m not quite ready for it to be done yet. Or ever. I’m enjoying the word wars and writerly conversations that have sprung up because of camp.

Of course, I’m not quite meeting my word count. I was doing really well, but then my novel decided it wanted to be a novella and is throwing a tantrum at the moment. That’s what I get for not pantsing it, like usual. I know there’s enough material in there for it to reach my word count goal and be a novel, because I planned it that way, so I’ve had to go back and flesh out some scenes. Something I was going to do anyways when I edited.

            “The gods were at it again.

            The girl with no legs watched silently as all the other onlookers turned their backs. They did not want to see what was unfolding before them. They did not want reminded that their lives were ruled by gods who were unwanted. But the girl with no legs watched. She knew what it was like to feel unwanted and as such, she felt a strange kinship with the unwanted gods. But at the same time, she felt pity and revulsion for the man who hung upside down, suspended in the air by the gods’ wrath or more likely, their boredom. She wished she could stop the god responsible, but the last time she had resolved to do so, her legs had vanished, rendering her even more useless and unwanted than before. She pushed all thoughts of helping the man from her mind. Sooner or later, the god responsible would get bored and release the man. She only hoped he was luckier than the last victim of the gods’ boredom. He had ended up dead.

            “Billie Liara!” a voice screeched through the village. The girl without legs looked away from the unfortunate man and toward her home where her mother stood waiting impatiently for her arrival. Her mother did not look happy, but then she never did and Billie found herself wishing for the millionth time that she was a better, more desirable child. Dragging herself up on her makeshift legs, a crude combination of wooden planks and nails, Billie slowly lumbered over to her mother, whose foot tapped a faster rhythm with each step she took until Billie wasn’t sure how it managed to stay attached.”

Happy early Easter everyone!


5 thoughts on “Halfway through April

  1. Harliqueen says:

    The snippet was very intriguing!

  2. winterbayne says:

    ’bout time 😛 thanks for the snippet. I’m posting a page from my WIP later this week. Book release took today’s post.

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