Valentine’s Day Question

Hello readers! So Valentine’s day is around the corner. Usually, I only realize its been here after the day itself. But this year, I wanted to do something a little different. I want to write a short story based on the day. I have a few ideas (what writer doesn’t?) But I want to know what you guys want to read! Cheesy love story? Fantasy, scifi, etc slant? Realistic? Leave a comment explaining your idea. The most repeated idea will be written up and posted on Valentine’s day. I might even russle up a picture for you guys 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Question

  1. winterbayne says:

    I love alternate cultures like sci-fi aliens. Write a story where an alien woos an earthling. What their odd culture is like. 🙂

  2. katpersephone says:

    Ooh, tough question. I’m a closet romantic, so I love just about anything associated with Valentine’s Day. But I would have to say some romance woven into a fantasy story is my favorite.

  3. […] Day. Just for fun. But! I want to write something you guys want to read. So go to this post, Valentine’s Day Question, and leave a comment on what you think I should write. (You could also comment here. Whichever […]

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