I am so excited! For one thing, Starling is coming out soon, very, very soon. I really hope you guys like it! AND! I’ve been diligently working on Crystal, which is kinda the sequel and kinda not. If anything, it’s a prequel. Yup, let’s just call it a prequel. It’s almost typed up, which means editing should get done this December. Or at least, I should start editing in December. Hopefully, that means you guys will have it sometime this summer. Like June or July. That’s the goal anyways.

But before any of all that, there’s NaNo! This year, I’m participating. I told myself that I had absolutely no excuses. So far, I’m a little behind, but that’s mostly due to an impromptu road trip than actually procrastinating or having writer’s block. I was worried about the plot line, because I knew the basic premise and the ending, but not much else, but I kinda like the direction the story is going. Plus, I’m only two hundred or so words behind, not counting today’s word count, so I’m feeling really good about finishing this thing in time. Fingers crossed! So, if any of you are participating in NaNo, you should stop by! I’d love to be writing buddies with you! 🙂

So, what am I writing about for NaNo? Well, I put aside my traditional fantasy for something a little more realistic/modern. That being said, it’s probably considered an urban fantasy because there is a little bit of fantastical elements to it. (Sorry! I couldn’t resist!) It’s called Cursed. It’s about these kids who are dying before their time, from things such as cancer or accidents. A man with sad eyes comes by their hospital room and offers them time to live, to complete their bucket lists and stuff like that. Their illnesses are frozen, and although they can’t advance, they still affect them. The idea is that these kids finish their goals and say their goodbyes so they can die in peace, but a small group decide that they don’t want to die and they hide from the man. The book deals with the repercussions of this decision and how it affects these kids’ lives.

So yeah, really different than anything I’ve done before, but hopefully it’ll be just as good. Let me know what you think! And if you’re participating in NaNo, I’d love to hear what you’re writing and how it’s going!


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