Editing Frenzy

A little girl, whom I just adore, found a little summary/blurb/thing of a story I plan on writing sometime in the near future. And she loved it. She told me that it was probably the only book of mine that’d she’d ever read. She wanted me to write it right that instant. Laughing, I told her that I had to finish Starling first. She looked at me seriously and told me I had 3-5 months to finish it. Period. End of conversation. Then she proceeded to tell everyone she knew (and still is, to my knowledge) to look for Starling in five months. After my five month deadline, I have little doubt she will pester me every day for that other story. And somehow, I can’t wait.

So, as to not disappoint her, and because I really do need to finish it, I’ve been in something of an editing frenzy. It’s been well worth it, because for one thing, Starling is almost done, and for another thing, it’s so much better. I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Just a few little finishing touches to the last chapter and a couple in the middle, and voila! All done! So around Christmas, look on your eReaders for Starling! I definitely can’t wait to hear what you guys think of it and what you like/didn’t like!


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