I need to live in a bubble. Seriously. I keep telling myself that I am going to finish Starling before I write anything else, but… I end up standing up hours later having written something that is distinctly not Starling. Which isn’t a bad thing, I guess, but one thing at a time! Although, to be fair, I have worked on it quite a bit. But it doesn’t help that anywhere I go, I get new ideas. Driving down the street and seeing street names: oh! that’s a good place name! Typing up something non-story related, make typo: oh! that’s a good name/word! Sitting in church before service, thinking: oh! that’d be a good book! Yep, I need to live in a bubble. At least until I finish Starling

It’s funny though. There was a time when I though, ‘Oh, I’ll have a regular job, and write in my free time as a hobby.’ Now, my thoughts are, ‘Nah, I just wanna be a writer.’ I simply can’t imagine doing anything different. Writing is easier than breathing for me. Unfortunately, there are times where I can’t write, which stinks. Greatly. Of course, sometimes they’re self-imposed. Like the other day when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I refused to let myself touch my books in fear of writing something incredibly stupid. But now that there’s no more anesthesia in my system… Excuse me while I go do what I do best. 🙂


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