So what is a Starling anyways?

By now, you’re probably asking what in the universe is a Starling anyways. Well, that is a very simple question with a very complex answer. I could spend years trying to explain, but never really getting anywhere. That being said, I’m horrible at summarizing, so that may be part of the problem. ‘:l 

The word ‘Starling’ is similar to the word ‘human’, both being representations of a species. But humans and Starlings have very little in common, although they look similar. Starlings are a humanoid race, generally erring on the taller side of height, but they can be anywhere from 4’5” to 7′. Because of their land’s terrain, they are required to walk long distances everyday, and as such are generally very slender. Their hair comes in two shades: silver for those who are younger, and white for the elders. Their ears taper into a point, but in most cases, it’s not enough of a difference than a human’s ear, unless one looks very closely. They are a very pale skinned race, not being exposed to much more than dim light. Most of the light they are exposed to comes from their innate glow, which they can intensify or dim at will. But the most striking difference is a Starling’s eyes. Where humans have pupils and colored irises, a Starling has neither. Instead, their eyes are a pure white, making it difficult for a human to ascertain where exactly the Starling is looking. 

The Starlings live in sprawling cities high above the earth, and because of their innate glow, their cities cast a strong light, causing the humans down below to call them ‘stars’. The sprawling layout of their cities are a necessity as their land’s ground is highly unstable in most areas and often shifts. They build their homes from stone, and when needed, reinforce the ground underneath the buildings with magick. Starling children learn how to navigate the terrain at a very early age and all the Starlings have an uncanny knack for predicting where the ground is stable enough to bear their weight, and where it isn’t. Their realm is almost completely devoid of color, and they have very little animal or plant life. What plants and animals they do have are capable of adapting to the treacherous terrain, and are as a rule small, light, and hardy.

The Starling people have innate abilities that determine where they would function best in society. These abilities are grouped into classes, such as Healers, Fighters, Casters, Diplomats, and Trackers. Each class also has sub-classes. For example, Protectors are a sub-class of Fighters. On occasion, a Starling may be grouped into more than one class, but typically choose one over the other. Most Starlings can perform magick commonly identified by a certain class, but they cannot sustain the magick for very long, and their form of it is very weak. In plain English, any Starling can heal, but only small injuries and it takes a lot of time and energy. A Healer can heal much more effectively, not to mention faster. 

Overseeing the Starlings are the royal family, who rule with the aid of many advisers and several different Councils, including a Grand Council that contains a Master from each class. These Starlings make sure that the people are healthy and prosperous, and they also make sure that the humans down below are kept safe from other peoples who wish them ill. The Starlings and humans once knew of each others existence and interacted with each other, but because of tragic events long since forgotten by both the Starlings and the humans, the Starlings withdrew from the human realm and passed into legend. No human really knows that the Starlings exist, much less that they protect them, and so the Starlings receive no thanks or acknowledgments. But truth be told, they prefer it that way.

That is, in a nutshell, what a Starling is. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And I’ll see about what I can do to upload a picture of a Starling soon to show you how I see them.


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