I created this blog to chronicle my journey to getting my stories published, but, well, there’s nothing about said stories. Tsk tsk, shame on me! I actually have seven stories so far: one written, one being written, and five on the back-burner waiting to be written. (Long story short: I’ll be writing for the next decade, at least, trying to tell all these stories properly!) Back to the point of this post. Starling is the book I’m currently trying to publish. It’s, like I’ve said before, a YA fantasy, and it clocks in between 200 and 300 pages. Not too long, and not too short. Just the right length to tell the story in a way that leaves readers satisfied. Here’s the gist, the back summary if you will:


You look up at the night’s sky, and what do you see? Stars, right? What if they aren’t really stars? And what if they’re going out?


The Starlings are an ancient people who keep watch over the human realm below from their cities, the ‘stars’. But when the stars start going out, a messenger is sent to the human kingdom of Anayldris to tell them of an impending doom. But the humans have problems of their own to deal with. Can they put aside their mistrust of a supposedly mythological people and overthrow their own corrupt leadership in time to turn and face the Starling threat before all their efforts become in vain?



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